Carolina Haunted And Supernatural
Enlightenment  Research Society
Team Rules
1.   Chasers expects all members to act and present themselves in a professional manner.  
Team members will wear either  t-shirts, polo shirts, or badges with the logo while involved
with an investigation.  Members will also carry with them some form of identification to verify
their identity to our clients or authorities.

2.   Members of Chasers will be respectful to each other, clients, people interviewed for case
backgrounds, homes of clients and members, and objects that do not belong to them.  We
must uphold this value while conducting any business for the Society.  This includes but not
limited to obeying posted signs, avoiding illegal and dangerous situations, smoking in
designated areas, No ILLEGAL DRUG USE OR ALCOHOL USE, no horseplay, and finally,
obeying all local and state laws.

3.   While on an investigation members will refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or any
other fragrance that may taint the investigation. Only those members who attended the pre-
investigation meetings will be allowed to participate in the investigation.

4.    Members are not allowed to bring anyone under 18 years of age to an investigation.  
Any guests members would like to bring to an investigation should be approved prior to the
execution of the investigation.  Babysitting arrangements should be made prior to the
investigation.  Under no circumstance will a member be allowed to bring infants or toddlers.

5.     Any member of Chasers that displays dishonesty, lack of respect, foolhardiness,
tendency to tamper or falsify evidence will be dismissed immediately.  Chasers is a
professional organization with the responsibility of assisting people experiencing unusual and
sometimes dangerous phenomena.  They are expecting mature, serious, honest, and
professional people to help them in their time of need.

6.     Everyone is expected to assist in the review and research of a case, and the generation
of leads.  Members are not expected to communicate with the public and especially the
media about any evidence or investigation the Society is involved with.  Members are not
expected to go out on their own investigations, misrepresent themselves or the Society.  
Chasers will not be held liable for those members’ actions or indiscretions. Members caught
spying for another paranormal group will be dismissed.

7.     Any information collected on a case belongs to the Society.  Information that is
disclosed to the public or the media will be the decision of the owners of the Society and the

8.     Members are expected to attend at least 75 to 80 percent of meetings.  Excessive
tardiness and excessive absences will not be tolerated.  This may be cause for dismissal.  

9.     Members will not hold Chasers liable for any injury or damage received while
investigating, attending a meeting, or any other activity.  Members joining the Society are
presenting themselves as being in good mental and physical health.