Carolina Haunted And Supernatural
Enlightenment Research Society

Mission Statement

Chasers is a paranormal group that is committed to assist persons that are
encountering paranormal and supernatural phenomena.  Cases that we
investigate receive the utmost professional, courteous, and thorough
investigation.  We work with the clients to help them understand the truth
behind the paranormal experiences they are encountering.  Any and all
evidence will be provided and discussed with the clients. Options will be
suggested to assist clients in obtaining a positive atmosphere related to the

Vision Statement

Chasers will provide the most thorough, honest, and scientific paranormal
investigation as possible.  Evidence will be evaluated without bias.  With the
client’s permission, the evidence collected will be shared with other
paranormal groups and the general public.  Sharing our experiences and
evidence through lectures and correspondence, we hope to educate the
public and clients about why and how paranormal activity exists.  Chasers
hopes that through our scientific research and by educating the world, we
can help achieve the goal of making paranormal research a viable and
important science.